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October 16th, 2011 at 9:09 pm

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…And We’re Back!

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Media Matters for America has a report on what may be the most outrageous smear by Rush Limbaugh.  Hard to imagine, I know.  This time, Limbaugh is smearing president Obama for announcing deployment of some 100 special forces to Uganda to combat the terror group, Lord’s Resistance Army.  Limbaugh’s charge is that Obama is out to get Christians.  Good grief.  Although LRA professes to be a religious group, it slaughters Christians, and in one infamous episode detailed by Jane Bussmann.  I wrote about Bussmann and her book last year for Religion Dispatches:

Back in 1996, according to a document reprinted by Bussmann, the Ugandan and Sudanese governments knew exactly where Catholic school girls kidnapped by the LRA were being held. The Ugandan army had been tipped that the LRA was going to attack the elite St. Mary’s school, but had done nothing to protect or to rescue the 139 girls abducted. And yet, a brave school administrator, Sister Rachele, almost singlehandedly gained the release of 109 of the children. The LRA kept the rest—except for the one they hacked and tortured to death with machetes. Sister Rachele and the girls’ parents met with world leaders from presidents Museveni and Bashir, to then-First Lady Hillary Clinton, to Kofi Annan, and Pope John Paul II.

“None of them got the girls back,” Bussmann observed. “Meanwhile, Kony built his city of children in the desert and shipped in his prize, the highly educated St. Mary’s girls. The girls were raped, impregnated, given syphilis, and watched as babies were smashed against trees.”

In fact, sweeping bipartisan majorities in both house of Congress required the administration to take action against the LRA, and it included the option to use force to remove the LRA and its leaders from the battlefield.

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October 15th, 2011 at 8:54 pm

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