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Q - I have only written an E-Book for now, can I come back and order the full wraparound (with spine and back cover) if I go to press at a later time?

A - Yes, our policy is that we keep all book cover product files in our archives for at least two years after the initial purchase. The additional fee will be the difference between our two pricing levels (between Cover Only, and Cover + Spine + Back) at the time of the upgrade. Note: We reserve the right to change service and product prices at any time. While unlikely, it is possible that the fee for the upgrade/cost differential may change in the future.

Q - Is the artwork or photography used on my cover royalty free?

A - Yes.

By the way, all, or very nearly all of the illustrated book covers offered by UniqueBookCovers.com have no such limits or associated royalty payments with regard to press qualities, etc.

Q - Once I order, how fast can I receive my book cover product?

A - Usually 1 to 3 days. If there are change requests then this may take longer. Typically we deliver an eBook ready cover file the same day or a press-ready file within three days.

Q - How will I receive my order?

A - eBook files will formatted, sized and color adjusted to be most suitable for the intended reading device (e.g. iPad, Kindle Fire, etc.), or we can produce the file to fit nearly every kind of reader. We will create a password-protected area on our server, upload your product to this protected area, and send you the access info. This will enable you to easily download your product file from any location where you have access to the Internet. Upon request, we can also send a compressed file via email, or a CD via regular postal mail for an additional fee.

Press-ready files will be adjusted and color-tuned appropriately to meet the needs of your printer. These files will also include crop, fold, and target marks, with full bleeds were required. The final book cover file will be press-ready and will work equally as well for both off-set and digital printing.

Note: We always recommend attending a press check at your print shop, the day your cover goes to press. Or ask your print shop send you a one-off before the entire run is made. There will always be color adjustments and other refinements (e.g. ink density, gray scale adjustment, plate off-set, etc.) that your print shop should be ready and willing to make for you once your cover is put on the press.

The file formats will be JPG (or JPEG) for most e-book products, and high resolution PSD (PhotoShop), TIFF, or PDF for traditional printing.

Q - My book will be a photo book, or a children's book with illustrations, so I will need a different shape (aspect ratio) and size cover. Can you provide that?

A - Yes, certainly! All of the illustration work and photographic imagery we employ for book covers are oversampled by 200% to 400% or more. In addition outer areas are commonly included present in case the aspect ration requires the use of extended image areas. This means that we are able to conform any of our cover products to any needed size and shape.

Q - My book is a hard bound edition. Can I receive a wrap-around dust-cover, complete with front and black flaps?

A - Yes. There is no additional charge for dust-cover/book jacket design and print file production.

Q - You do great covers. I'd rather hire you to design a custom cover from scratch. Do you do contract work?

A - Yes. From time to time we are available for contract work, so please feel free to ask us about scheduling your project.

With skillful utilization of the art tools we employ, we can produce nearly any design you can imagine, and usually much faster than the industry norm for such work. This includes custom illustration work. Typical fees for custom book cover contract work are between $600 and $1,200. The production timeline can vary depending on a number of factors, e.g. the complexity of the required illustration or photo composite work, the availability for you to accept proofs and turnaround approvals, etc. but again, our production is usually very fast once a project is accepted and put into the schedule.

The process of creating a custom book cover is similar to our general book cover request feature, except we will work very closely with you throughout the entire process, providing multiple roughs (which we do not offer to do, otherwise), alternative versions, etc. A fully refundable 30% deposit is required upon receiving the signed contract before we schedule time for your project.

We invite you to "get the ball rolling" on your custom book cover project by filling out the form near the bottom of this page. Please be verbose in your description so that we can return a price quote to you without delay.

Q - Can I re-purpose the graphic files you give me for my cover, to create banners, web ads, flyers, etc. to promote my new book?

A - Yes, as long as each use of the cover design, or of an extrapolated version of the design is directly related to the same book for which the cover design was initially produced.

Q - Can you provide me with ad banners, web graphics, business card designs, etc. for the promotion of my new book cover?

A - Yes, we provide this service upon request on a quote basis.

We offer affordability priced options for additional items that can come in very handy for any new book promotion. Print-on-demand promotional items such as posters, greeting cards, even "swag" such as mouse pads, t-shirts, mugs, buttons, ceramic tiles, etc. can be designed, printed and delivered by way of our Gallery Gifts store at Zazzle where we are an established pro-seller. This a fantastic way to obtain promotional items in ANY quality, at any time for your general book promotions and events such as book signings and parties, all at competitive prices.

Please click HERE (or the banner below) to visit our Galley Gifts store to see the quality of the work offered there.

Q - Will my book cover be totally unique and not used for any other books?

A - Yes, once purchased, your book cover will never be re-sold to any other author. Our main goal is that your book gains quick recognition, with a unique, eye-catching cover, and is successful in the marketplace. To this end, we will work very hard to help make your book stand out!

Please keep in mind, occasionally we utilize stock photography and artworks in the design and creation process which are not exclusive to UniqueBookCovers.com. The use of any such material will always be utilized in a design that is entirely unique to your cover.

Q - What's your experience with book cover work.

A - For years we operated a design house in Santa Rosa, CA, known as Paragon3, which focused on serving the community and other agencies with typography and illustration for a variety of retail products and for all forms of promotional material. Our promotional design work ranged from business cards to large scale trade show booths and everything in between. During this time we also designed, illustrated and produced countless numbers of book covers for several major publishers throughout the San Francisco bay area. In more recent years we have designed and created art works for thousands of retail products. Now we are back to the world of book cover illustration work and design with renewed vigor. Our primary goal is to serve the self-publishing community by providing the very best book cover designs for books going to the traditional press or for e-book distribution, or both.

Q - Do you offer a guarantee?

A - Yes, we stand squarely behind everything we do. All purchases are satisfaction guaranteed with a 100%, no questions asked, full money back guarantee. The guarantee period is 20 days from the time the product is delivered to you. The only stipulation is that the product, nor any aspect of the design be used for any purpose, both before and after you receive a full refund. You agree to destroy all related production files at that time.

Q - How can I pay?

A - We use Secure PayPal Checkout for all purchases, but it is NOT required that you are a PayPal member to purchase any of our products. PayPal also offers a one-time payment method that you can use with a regular credit card: VISA, DISCOVER, MASTERCARD, or AMERICAN EXPRESS, without signing up for a PayPal account.

Q - Where are you located, and can I get you on the telephone to discuss a project?

A - Our office is in beautiful Lake County California, just north of the famous Napa Valley.

You are certainly welcome to call, we are available most days between the hours of 10am and 6pm U.S. Pacific Time at the following number:
707 987 1956

In addition, you can use the contact form below. Upon your first contact with us, we will send you an email address for direct correspondence.

Thanks very much for your interest. We look forward to working with you for your next great book project!

Management, Bukava and UniqueBookCovers.com

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